The MinnSnowTa Dynamo Roof Razor Roof Rake

We are excited to announce our newest product line, The MinnSnowTa Dynamo Roof Razor. When it comes to Roof Rakes, the MinnSnowTa Roof Razor has to be the easiest and fastest roof rake available. This ingenious product allows you to remove snow from your roof while standing on the ground. You simply slice the snow from the bottom up and the snow slides down the best slip and slide available in the winter (The MinnSnowTa Roof Razor has a cloth attached that allows the snow to slide off the roof quickly and safely). These things sell out quickly when big storms hit, so if you want one, I'd recommend getting your order in now before everyone else. Not only that, a lot of times when the big storms hit and you need your roof rake immediatly, UPS is stuck in the snow and will take a few extra days to deliver your product.
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