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Is snow sliding off your roof? This is usually the case when snow accumulates on metal roofs. Snow is not like rain or hail. It will not come off the roof one drop at a time; instead, it will usually come off in one big sheet. This would be called a rooftop avalanche. Scary right??!! If you don't think so, do a YouTube search of snow falling off roofs. Some videos are harmless, meaning it is just a cool video of the snow sliding off the roof, but other videos show people getting hurt, cars getting damaged and gutters being ripped off. We have never seen a video posted where animals are hurt, but it does not mean it has never happened.

This can end up being a very costly problem or deadly in some cases. Instead of replacing a gutter system year after year, having your insurance payment go up after an accident, or pacing a hospital floor after a loved one or an animal has been pummeled with falling rooftop snow, install a snow retention system. 

Snow retention is quite simple. Others would call a snow retention system a snow guard, snow stop, ice block, ice guard, gutter guard and so on. These names usually refer to a small item, either plastic or metal, that is attached to the roof in abundance to hold back the snow. In light to medium snow load areas and on small sections of roof, this is a very effective method to keep snow from sliding off roofs. In medium to heavy snow load areas and on large sections of roof, a snow rail or snow fence system is usually recommended. Companies like S-5, Alpine SnowGuards, Sno Gem and Sno Shield have excellent snow rail / fence products that will get the job done (We carry products made by all these companies and more). Snow rail is usually a long continuous pipe system that runs the length of the roof. It can also identified under the terms S5 ColorGard, Alpine SnowGuards SnowMax and Sno Gem I Clad and Sno Gem Blockade.  

These companies address the problems specifically addressing the "snow sliding off roof" problem. Don't wait to put a snow stop / snow retention system on the roof. Do it now before you find yourself spending money on both repairing damage from rooftop sliding snow and preventing against rooftop sliding snow.  

Glacier, Snow on Roof Sliding Off

Posted by Roof Things on 1/27/2011 to Metal Roof Articles
Listen to the stress the sliding snow is putting on this roof as it shifts its weight around. Most buildings in Glacier National Park have metal roofs and when temperature rise or it rains the snow starts sliding off the roofs which will sometimes shake the buildings. Employees at Glacier captured such an event in the following video. The grand finale is at the end of the video.

Mini Glacier on Metal Roof

Posted by Roof Things on 1/21/2011 to Sliding Snow
In this photo taken by Jim Bromley you see a large amount of snow sliding off of a metal roof. In some ways, the snow on the roof is acting like a glacier where slippage is facilitated by water at its freezing/melting point creating a nice lubricated surface between the snow on top and the metal roof beneath.