Popular Products by Alpine SnowGuards

Alpine Snowguards carries a variety of snow guards that can be used on any type of roof. We asked Alpine about their most popular products and this is what they replied with the following products:

  • Pad-Style Snow Guards
  • Pipe-Style Snow Guards
  • Fence-Style Snow Management Systems
  • Solar Snow Management
Pad-Style Snow Guards
These snow guards can be used on most roof types: new composition shingle, slate, synthetic slate, cedar shingle, flat tile, Spanish tile or existing Spanish tile. Their purpose is to add friction to a frictionless surface keeping the snow on the roof. Their pad-style snow guards are unique in that they have a "fish head" design which adds strength and maintains the aesthetics of the roof. Each snow guard is riveted as well making it impossible for the snow guard to unfold. Purchase in copper, aluminum or powder coated. Click on the links below to see the most our most popular snow guards provided by Alpine SnowGuards:

Pipe-Style Snow Rail is a continuous rail systems that spans the full length of the roof. Snow Rail is more effective in preventing large masses of snow and ice from shedding off a roof. Alpine SnowGuards has engineered their snow rial to be extremely durable and beautiful at the same time. Their rail systems come in a one-pipe, two-pipe or three-pipe systems in order to accommodate the needs of each roof. Roof snow load, roof pitch, roof width and roof length (from ridge to eave) all play a crucial part in the type of rail system that should be used. Before purchasing one of these systems, call us to make sure you are purchasing enough product. No one likes their gutters being ripped off, or their car being damaged by snow sliding off the roof; most importantly, no one likes their snow rail being ripped off. Call us to learn about the pipe-style snow guard systems provided by Alpine SnowGuards, and ask us for a quote:

  • PP115 - Used on new or existing metal shingle or membrane
  • PP125- Used on new or existing slate, synthetic slate, composition shingle or cedar shingle
  • PP145- Used on new or existing batten or snap, or metal corrugated
  • PP225- Used on new or existing slate, synthetic slate, composition shingle or cedar shingle

Fence Style Snow Management Systems (SnowMax)
SnowMax is a snow fence for metal standing seam, metal corrugated and membrane roofs. It is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum making it a durable and reliable snow fence product. When a snow rail is not wanted, a snow fence is the next best thing. It is quick and easy to install, brackets can be spaced up to 48" on center, and it is cost effective. No only is this system used to prevent snow and ice from falling off the roof, but it has also been developed to keep snow and ice from sliding off solar panels. Call us for a quote on the SnowMax. 

Solar Snow Management
They call it the Solar SnowMax - R2. The calculated snow load of a solar panel is approximately 800lbs/panel. Solar panels are more pron to a rooftop avalanche since the a solar panel surface has no friction surface. The Solar SnowMax - R2 is:

  • the largest snow fence option developed for customers who require a higher fence on the eaves
  • either solar snow pads or Solar SnowMax Standard can be used up-slope if additional tiers of snow management are needed
  • the taller bar system is a proven solution that has been used in the conventional snow guard market for over two decades
  • Solar SnowMax-R2 brackets can be used to the far East and West ends of an array with the use of End Kit (optional)
  • for use on portrait or landscape solar panel orientation
  • grooved front accepts optional black insert strip
  • made in USA using recycled materials
Call us for a quote on any product made by Alpine SnowGuards. CLICK HERE. 

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