New S-5!® Product: ColorGard, S-5-N, S-5-N 1.5
S-5!® carries a line of attachment brackets that can be used on most standing seam metal roofs with snow retention systems or other ancillary items. 

ColorGard is a snow fence snow guard used for snow retention and is aesthetically appealing when installed on a commercial or residential buildings. Attached with S-5!'s universal clamps (sold separately), ColorGard prevents rooftop avalanches. It also utilizes a strip of the actual roof material (not provided) to exactly match the roof color and the color lasts the lifetime of the roof. 

The S-5-N and the S-5-N 1.5 are universal metal roof clamps used on most nail strip standing seam profiles. The S-5-N clamp is used on nail strip profiles up to 1" high. The S-5-N 1.5 accommodates nail strip profiles up to 1.5". Both styles of attachments can be used with the ColorGard system; as well as, attach signs banners, HVAC units and much more to standing seam roofs.  

S-5-N 1.5

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