In an effort to better serve you, Roof Things is now on Facebook. Facebook will be a great tool to notify you of the following and more:

  • We are constantly adding products: Snow guards / snow stops, snow rail for metal roofs, standing seam roof clamps, fall protection, caulks and adhesives and much more. 
  • We are constantly adding videos showing you how to use and install the products you buy. 
  • We are constantly having sale on snow guards, screws and fasteners and adhesives at discounted rates
This is just some of what we have to offer. We have teamed up with companies who are well known for the quality of their products and service, Preferred Safety Products (fall protection), S-5!, Alpine SnowGuards, Sno Gem Inc (snow guards, snow retention and solar), Levi's Building Components and Sno Shield Inc. (snow stops, snow retention and screws and fasteners), ChemLink and SurBond (sealants and adhesives), Emseal and much more.

We want to interact with you. Send us a message, ask us questions write a review on our page. If you are not seeing products that you need tell us. 

To find us on Facebook, search “Roof Things LLC” or click here



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