In the summer of 2009, we welcomed two men we had never met before from Japan to our home for a week during an international dance festival. They were members of Musashi Kengo Daiko, basically a martial arts drumming group. I was amazed at the respect their youth had for others. The people of Japan are truly some of the most humble and caring people I have met.

With the earthquake and tsunami that occured I have been watching numerous videos that are coming out. The power and destruction nature has leave me in awe. One thing that I can't help but notice is how many homes and business in Japan have snow guards on their roofs. I did not realize Japan received much snow. I think one of the most amazing stories I have heard of survival at this point is the 70 year old man who clung to his roof for several days and floated around in the ocean. That is just amazing to me.

The two men we know are not from the area of Japan that was hit hardest by the recent earthquake and tsunami, but my heart still goes out to their countrymen. About 35 years ago our town was hit with a flood that caused major damage when the Teton Dam broke. While it was a hard thing to overcome, it helped the people of our community come together and helped to build a stronger united community. I only hope that the people of Japan will be able to have the same experience in the end.

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