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We offer all product made by ChemLink, Click Here to be directed to our caulks, sealants and adhesives. If you do not see what you need, give us a call and we can give you a quote. 
  • M-1 universal structural adhesive sealant for PVC, EPDM, most metals, wood, glass, masonry concrete, fiberglss, solvent-sensitive foams, repair or flashing and coping joints, sealing reglet joints and termination bars, night seals around penetrations, bonds walkway treads, used on chumney and stip flashing, skylights, roofing details, cove joints; seals penetrations made by sealing pipe, cable, conduit pentrations through; used on walls and roofs, walls windows, doors, masonry and curtain wall constructions; bonds grounding cable for solar, using in mounting solar panels, assembling compoents, waterproofing power distribution; used in crack repairs, horizontal and vertical expansion joints, bonding metal brackets, sealing ducts, insulation, flanges, piping Sealing terminations bars and much more. 
  • M-1 Pool Tile Repaires- polyether moisture-curing waterproof adhesive / sealant
  • M-1 CR for cleanroom (biomedical, electronic and aerospace) manufacturing operations
  • M-1 Marine 
  • DuraSil High Performance  silicone, adhesive / sealant for dissimilar materials (glass, aluminum, steel, copper, masonry, PVC and fiberglass) 
  • DuraSil SL Self-Leveling adhesive / sealant for ChemCurb
  • 1-Part pourable penetration sealant that is moisture curing in damp, dry, or cold climates and used in ChemCurb kits
  • BuildSecure fast setting, structural adhesive for residential and commercial consturction
  • Backer Rod used as a sealant backing
  • BARR Liquid Waterproof Membrane which is a single component, liquid, cold-applied waterproofing membrane that can be applied with trowel, roller, or squeegee, forming a continuous, tough, reinforced elastic seal
  • BARR Spray Waterproof Membrane
  • BARR FP Flash and Patch is a high quality, moisture curing elastomeric waterproofing and sealing material for use in repairing roof leaks, roof valley and seams, chimneys, flashing and emergency roof repairs
  • ChemCurb System which is a penetration seal system; call to order
  • E-Curb Steep Roof Seals: Versatile precast curb components, pourable sealant, and structural adhesive / sealant; call to order
  • Clear General Purpose Sealant polyether based, high-performance sealant; clear bond used on roofing, siding, window, metal, flashing, HVAC and general construction surfaces
  • DuraLink Super Adhesion Sealant which is elastic moisture curing sealant designed in metal architecture, curtain wall construction and joints subject to movement
  • FloorSecure Multi Surface Wood and Tile Adhesive which is solvent free and odorless
  • KnuckleHeads  Mechanical Supports which are adhered with M-1 
  • MetaLink Metal Roof Sealant which is a superior, high performance silicone adhesive / sealant formulated for applications on metal roofs, gutters, downspouts, and other metal architectural surfaces
  • NovaLink Joint Sealant that cured in wet or dry climate conditions 
  • NovaLink LM Low Modulus
  • NovaLink MP Multi-Purpose Sealant for general repair and maintenance applications
  • NovaLink SL Self-Leveling Sealant designed for application on horizontal joints in concrete construction such as stairwells, parking structures, and surrounding swimming pools
  • NovaLink SL Pool Deck Joint Sealant used on horizontal joints in concrete construction such as those surrounding fountains and swimming pools
  • PRO PACK Urethane Pourable Sealant used in horizontal self-leveling sealing and waterproofing applications
  • Roof Assembly Adhesive designed to laminate insulation board, fiber recovery board and fireproof panels to steel, concrete, wood and fiberglass roof decks
  • Roof Repair Tapes used to quickly fix leaks on most types of roofs and permanently bonds to EPDM, Gutters, Flashing, Single Ply & PVC
  • SBS Mod-Bit Adhesive
  • SEAL PACK Urethane Waterproof Coating
  • TileSecure Roof Tile Adhesive used for installation and repair of clay, composite, concrete and slate roof tiles
  • TPO Primer applied to membrane, plastics and any other difficult bonding surface
  • WallSecure which is a fast setting wall and block adhesive; adheres to drywall, wood, metal, concrete, landscape blocks, capstone and other masonry substrates
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Chemlink M-1 Structural Adhesive/Sealant 10.1 oz cartridge
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Chemlink Duralink Super Adhesion Sealant (24 Pack)
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Chemlink Duralink Super Adhesion Sealant 10.1 oz
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Chemlink Durasil High Performance Adhesive/Sealant 10.1 oz Tube
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Complete ChemCurb Kit 5
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DuraSil Self-Leveling Gray
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