We were recently introduced to Sno Shield’s Snow Guards for metal roofs and have become so intrigued with them that we decided to start Roof Things. The purpose of Roof Things is to help other do it yourself individuals purchase snow shields, often referred to as snow guards, in quantities for the average handyman or handywoman to install on his or her own metal roof.

Snow guards are basically little dams that sit on your metal roof and prevent snow from sliding off. I use to think it was good for snow to slide off metal roofs, but it turns out that it is more dangerous for it to slide off metal roofs than it is for it to sit up there and melt. As the snow slides off of a metal roof, the snow can “grab” the screws holding the roof down and pull them up causing roof damage and leaks.

Not only can the snow cause damage to the roof, but it can also cause damage to objects or people below. Snow sliding off metal roofs is heavy. When I was young we had an old shed with a metal roof. We thought it was so fun to watch the snow slide off. When the snow hit the ground it would shake our house about 20 yards away. The force snow slides off of a roof with can collapse car roofs, cause injuries or even cause death. Hopefully you will find our new web site helpful in purchasing snow guards and other roofing products that you can install yourself. Snow guards really are pretty simple to install. If you have any questions, please ask.

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