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Do It Yourself Savings
Posted by Kade on 8/1/2014 to Promotions
After Winnie the Pooh fell from the honey tree into the gorse-bush, he crawled out and began to think. The first person he thought of was himself. (OK, so the narrator says it was Christopher Robin, but Winnie the Pooh thought of himself.)

For all of the optimists out there who still believe in doing something themselves will save some money, this month's promo code is for you. You may not fall from a honey tree while being the one to do-it-yourself, but that doesn't mean you won't fall from the roof.
Nephi Picks BYU, Laman Takes Utah in The Holy War
Posted by Kade Smith on 9/19/2013
In anticipation of the "Holy War" (BYU vs Utah) football game this weekend, I doctored up this image of Nephi and Laman.
Snow Guards - Known by Many Names
Posted by Kade Smith on 5/31/2013 to Snow Guard Articles
Snow guards are referred to by several names in the roofing industry. The purpose of this page is to give you an explaination why each name has come about and give you a better understanding of this product. So let's get to it, the many names are...

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 Do It Yourself Savings
 Nephi Picks BYU, Laman Takes Utah in The Holy War
 Snow Guards - Known by Many Names
 Opening An Easter Egg With an Air Compressor
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