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Our New Masscot
Posted by Roof Things on 1/24/2013 to Roof Things History

Roofy, the Roof Things MascotWe'd like to introduce everyone to Roofy, our new mASScot! We purchased Roofy in a "Huge Ass Sale" for an orphanage in Africa through Dando Amor.

When I first found out about the opportunity to buy a donkey for an orphanage I thought it would be fun, so I came back to the office and pleaded my case. I told the others here, "Look, this is the only ass you are ever going to buy that won't get you in trouble with your wife." We all had a good laugh and the one liners started popping out.

  • Hope no one has to kick our ass cause it's a lazy ass.
  • Hope we get a smart ass.
  • Do you think it'll be a little ass or huge ass?
  • Can't we call them donkeys? Why would you ass-k that?
  • Other sites may have girly photos, but we can post a photo of our ass.

After the tears were wiped off our eyes from laughing so hard, we decided that purchasing Roofy really would be a great thing to do. A couple days later we received a photo of Roofy, the moments of loud laughter died down, and we realized how blessed we truly are. So to honor the great fun we had and to help us remember how blessed we are, we decided to make Roofy the mascot here at Roof Things.

Donkeys truly are a life line in Africa. They can work all day without needing to drink much or stop to eat. A man can support his family with just one donkey. We like to think of it as our way of helping to put a roof over the heads of some of those who are a little less fortunate.

So for your viewing pleasure, here's a picture of our ass - Roofy.


Have any other great one liners for us? Please keep them clean. (Your asses that is)

Matt Date 1/25/2013
keep up the good work crew, that's awesome you were able to buy yourself a little ass. Sorry, I couldn't resist. We appreciate your business. Cheers
Eli petersheim Date 11/2/2013
Nice ass there young man been awhile since I talked to you
Earl Gough - Gough SnoGuards Date 7/16/2014
That's a real good idea. Not just catchy, but great to help someone. Congrats. Earl Gough
gracie Date 1/15/2015
learning about business in class and showed our class these products and told them the story of roofy!
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